Trophies, medals and certificates are awarded to Cadets for success in competitions including First Aid, Public Speaking and Teamwork.

Since the early 1880s, competitions have been used by St John Ambulance to encourage the maintenance of its members’ skills, ensuring that Cadets and adults can perform exemplary First Aid in pressurised environments. Whilst many First Aid techniques have changed over the past century, the format of competitions is little altered from the first recorded event held by George Hutton in 1880. Working alone or in teams, Cadets are often faced with an accident simulated by casualties and are awarded points for First Aid technique and communication against strict score sheets. Cadets may compete to become their Regional Cadet of the Year, as well as participating in inter-region competitions to become National Cadet of the Year. Every four years, St John Ambulance Cadets from England can even compete globally at the St John International First Aid Competition.


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