Judith Morris (née Whitehouse)

Joined 1959

Halesowen Nursing Cadet Division, Dudley

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Black and white photograph of four female Cadets in uniform treating a person who is lying on the floor as a casulty simulation. Three adults in uniform are looking on and making notes on a clipboard.
Team Leader Judith Whitehouse (far right) at the regional round of the National First Aid Finals with team members Linda, Lyn and Pat, May 1967 Image courtesy of Judith Morris
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This was the love of my life, more or less. As a Cadet we started in I should think about 1965 probably was the first time, and you had to do Area, County, Region, National, so four rounds to get to the National finals. And I think probably the first couple of years didn’t do anything, but in 1967 we got through to the National finals. They were fantastic training ground, I still say there’s nothing at all like competitions for training because it was so realistic and, you know, having to do it in a certain amount of time. I mean the individuals were ten minutes and the team test was fifteen so there was an awful lot of pressure. But just for four young people or four adults to work together as a team and each of them have a job to do, and for all that to gel together, was fantastic training.

When I went to the finals in 1967, that was I think probably the first time I’d been to London, I’d never been to London until that, it was the first time I’d ever been to London. And other than perhaps a – I know we went on the train, and other than perhaps going a couple of stops locally, it was probably the first time I’d ever been on a train and things, you know. People didn’t move about like they do today, you’re all so lucky that you – you know, you move about all over the place don’t you, it just didn’t happen then.

Excerpt courtesy of Judith Morris