A black and white formal photograph of the Rochford girl and boy Cadet Divisions taken outside. In the foreground a row of girls dressed in white nursing caps and grey dresses sit on the floor, behind them is another row of girl Cadets and female adult members seated, behind them are two rows of standing Cadets. Of the 45 people photographed, only six are boys. They stand in the back row wearing black berets and grey shirts.
The Roche Cadets, Rochford, Lancashire, 1923 Museum of the Order of St John (A867)


St John Ambulance Cadets founded on 15 March. The Gateshead Saltwell Nursing Cadets are the first Division formed on 25 May. On 18 November, Rochford in Lancashire is the first town in which a boys and girls Division established on the same day.


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is created


First international Cadet Division formed in Mumbai, India
Sepia photograph showing 7 male Cadets on the right standing in a park and being inspected by the Duke of Connaught who wears a top hat and holds a walking stick. The Duke is accompanied by a group of five other men and a male photographer is just visible to the far left holding his camera.
Cadet inspection, 1925 Museum of the Order of St John (PHA112)


The Duke of Connaught, Grand Prior, inspects an Ambulance Cadet Division at the Royal Review in Hyde Park
Four men in St John Ambulance Brigade uniform are standing by the side of the road. One of the men is holding a stretcher. Two of the men are replenishing supplies of a first aid box which is attached to a pole at the side of the road. The fourth man is watching on.
A group of Ambulance members replenish the supplies in a roadside First Aid box, 1927 Museum of the Order of St John


St John Ambulance Brigade starts a Road Service Scheme to assist motorists at weekends and on public holidays


All women over 21 get the vote and Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin


Wall Street Crash sparks Great Depression
A colour image of the front cover of the 1929 Juvenile Manual. It is a blue material cover with white imprinted wording 'JUVENILE MANUAL' and the white St John Ambulance Association circular logo featuring the eight-pointed cross.
The cover of the 1929 Juvenile Manual Museum of the Order of St John


First illustrated edition of the Juvenile Manual for Cadets is published
A black and white photograph of uniformed Cadet and adult members of the St John. They are standing formally awaiting a review by royalty in Hyde Park.
Cadets and adult Officers waiting to be royally reviewed, Hyde Park, 1931 Museum of the Order of St John


Royal Review of Ambulance, Nursing, and Cadet members takes place in Hyde Park in the Centenary Year of the Order of St John
A double-page spread from a magazine, which identifies twenty-one different subjects that form the Grand Prior's Award. On the left and right sides of the page, the are identified by their title and an accompanying illustration. In the middle of the page is a replicated checklist for the subjects, with a space for a Cadet Superintendent to write in the date on which a Cadet passed the subjects.
Excerpt from the St John Ambulance Cadets 21st Anniversary Review, showing the subjects that Cadets can undertake as part of their Grand Prior's badge, 1943 Museum of the Order of St John


Grand Prior badge introduced for Cadets who achieve twelve proficiency certificates
A black and white photograph of two boys in Cadet uniform. The boy on the left it perched on a table, and the boy on the right is standing up.
Cadet Sergeant Anderson and Cadet Corporal Lloyd from Slough Ambulance Cadet Division, first recipients of the Grand Prior's badge, 1933 Museum of the Order of St John


First Grand Prior badges awarded to Ambulance Cadets: Cadet Sergeant G. Anderson and Cadet Corporal W. Lloyd from Slough Ambulance Cadet Division. First Grand Prior badge awarded to an international Cadet: Marion Higgins of the Marrickville Cadet Nursing Division, New South Wales, Australia


First Grand Prior badge awarded to a Nursing Cadet: Cadet Sergeant Gladys Dodds of Slough Cadet Nursing Division


First Penguin paperbacks go on sale
A black and white photograph of a large group of Nursing Cadets, sitting, kneeling, and standing for a group photograph. They are smiling, and some are wearing large sunhats.
Nursing Cadets at the St John Cadet Nursing Camp, Barry Island, Wales, 1936 Museum of the Order of St John


Priory of Wales start a Brigade Cadet Camp held on Barry Island


George VI became king of the United Kingdom


Second World War
Black and white photograph of a young woman smiling directly at the camera. She wears a black hat, grey shirt and dark jacket with an ARP badge stiched to her left pocket. The George Medal is pinned to her jacket.
Cadet Corporal Betty Quinn receives the George Medal at Buckingham Palace, 27 May 1941 Museum of the Order of St John


Nursing Cadet Betty Quinn awarded the George Medal for bravery during the Coventry Blitz when she rescued casualties from an Anderson shelter that had received a direct hit on 19 October 1940. Many other Cadets receive the Meritorious First Aid Certificate for their heroism during air raids. Other war work undertaken by Cadets includes collecting scrap and shrapnel for salvage, working in nurseries looking after the children of women factory workers and acting as stretcher bearers for wounded soldiers returning in hospital ships.
Black and white image of a Nursing Cadet wearing an arm sling, in front of her two personnel attend to simulated casualties on stretchers
Nursing Cadets participate in a Civil Defence exercise, 1940s Museum of the Order of St John


War Service badge introduced for Nursing Cadets
Two lines of female Cadets march in unison towards the viewer.
Nursing Cadets undertake physical training at a Cadet camp, 1942 Museum of the Order of St John


First residential camp for Cadet Leaders as the number of Cadet divisions rises sharply
Colour photograph of the magazine cover which reads 'The St John Ambulance Brigade Cadets. 21st Anniversary Illustrated Review. 1922-1943. 1/6d'. The illustration shows a Nursing Cadet and an Ambulance Cadet in their grey St John uniforms tending to a patient lying on a stretcher with a bandage around his head and covered in a red blanket. The illustration appears against a white background.
Cover of the 21st Anniversary Illustrated Review, 1943 Museum of the Order of St John


Special magazine issued to mark the 21st anniversary of the St John Ambulance Cadets. The illustration on the cover was designed by artist Doris Zinkeisen.


War Service badge introduced for Ambulance Cadets
Colour photograph of a black and white magazine cover with an illustration showing a female Nursing Cadet in uniform holding up a placard that lists the contents of the magazine. Behind her stands a male Ambulance Cadet in uniform. The price is shown as sixpence.
The cover of the first issue of The St John Cadet, May 1946 Museum of the Order of St John


The St John Cadet, the first magazine specifically for Cadets launches and runs until 1955 when Cadet news was incorporated into the St John Review


India becomes independent from Britain
A female Cadet stands on the left. Opposite her, a woman is handing her a silver trophy.
Nursing Cadet Betty Matthews receives the American Cup for Gallantry from HRH The Duchess of Kent, 1947 Museum of the Order of St John


First National Cadet Competitions held at the Royal Horticultural Hall, London, with prizes awarded by HRH The Duchess of Kent. The American Cup for Gallantry was awarded to 13 year-old Nursing Cadet Betty Matthews of Littlehampton, West Sussex, for saving a boy from drowning.
Black and white photograph showing Princess Margaret in St John uniform inspecting a row of Nursing members outdoors, St John dignitaries following behind
HRH Princess Margaret inspects student members at Toynbee Hall, London, 1950 Museum of the Order of St John (A5131)


In January HRH Princess Margaret appointed first Commandant-in-Chief of the Cadets
Text taken from a publication. The heading reads 'From the editor's chair'. The sub-heading reads 'Preparing for "the day"'. The main body of text reads '16th October 1948, is THE day in the diary of St. John Cadets; and for the first time in Brigade history Cadets, Ambulance and Nursing, will be flying their flag in every part of the country on that day. The object of holding a "Day" is that in every part of the country, on the same day, Cadet activities and the fact that a St. John Cadet Movement does exist, is demonstrated before the general public. Such an object can be attained in many ways. Locally, special displays, exhibitions, parades can be arranged; and where more than one Division is in existence, a combined parade with perhaps an inspection by the Mayor or Chairman of the Council, will make an interesting item. A number of Divisions have already made arrangements for some special function, but there are others who have not yet attempted to draw up a programme. Unless ALL divisions make the effort, the day will fail; so a special call is made to those who are lagging behind. One special feature will, it is hoped, be a broadcast during the Children's Hour on Sunday, 17th October. Further details of this will be given in the next issue of The Cadet, which, by the way, will be published on 1st October and not on 1st November. So to every Cadet and every Member-in-Charge we make an appeal to arrange some interesting and instructive function for Cadet Day, 16th October.
An article about the upcoming Cadet Day printed in The St John Cadet, August 1948 Museum of the Order of St John


St John Cadets' Day celebrated for the first time on 16 October and a programme about the Cadets broadcast on BBC's Children's Hour on 23 October


The National Health Service (NHS) is founded and the 'SS Empire Windrush' docks at Tilbury
Text taken from a publication. The title reads ‘Celebrations in Malta’. The main body of text reads ’Some 70 Ambulance and Nursing Cadets from England and Wales took part in the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Malta District of the Brigade Overseas, held from 15th to 23rd October. And what an experience they had! Setting off from Northolt Aerodrome in three British European Airways’ Vikings, under the care of Asst. Commissioner H. J. Harris, County Cadet Officer J. Newall, County Cadet Officers Miss Trill and Mrs. Robinson, the Cadets reached Malta on 13th October, after an uneventful flights. There they found arrangements has been made for their comfort and everything possible was done during their stay to make them happy and to enjoy the trip. Many functions were held and private parties and sight-seeing tours were arranged,. All visiting members were impressed buy the splendid way in which the celebrations had been organized by the Commissioner, Colonel J. V. Abela and Lady District Superintendent Mrs. K. Gulia. It was a great inspiration that Cadets were able to tread in the sacred places in the history of the Order and to form part of the greatest assembly of members of the Brigade at Home ever to be together overseas. The Cadets from England and Wales gave demonstrations which were much applauded, and they were not clow in delving into the shops in Valetta and other places. It was a great thrill to them to be entertained by Earl and Lady Mountbatten on H.M.S. Liverpool and to pay visits to the famous ship Amethyst which reached Malta during their stay. Incidentally, Wireless Operator French, who was decorated for his devotion to duty, is an old St. John Cadet. The Cadets were able to see the Lord Prior (Lord Wakehurst), the Chief Commissioner Brigade Overseas (Col. Sir James Sleeman), the Lady Superintendent-in-Chief (the Hon. Mrs. Copland-Griffiths), the Chief Officers of Cadets (Mr. Guthrie Moir and Miss V. Cunard), together with other Officers from home, on parades and inspections’.
An account of the Cadets' visit to Malta, published in The St John Cadet, January 1950 Museum of the Order of St John


70 Ambulance and Nursing Cadets from England and Wales visit Malta for the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Malta District Division in October


The Festival of Britain held on South Bank in London
In the centre of the image is a sheltered dais where Princess Margaret and uniformed St John officers stand. They are taking the salute from Nursing Cadets who are marching in front of the dais. Surrounding the dais on all sides are more uniformed Cadets and uniformed adult officers.
Cadets marching past the saluting base during the parade in Doncaster, 1951 Museum of the Order of St John


6,000 Cadets parade before HRH The Princess Margaret at Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Nursing Cadet Barbara Johnson from Rotherham Division presented with Cadet Meritorious Certificate for putting out the flames and treating her 7-year old brother when his pyjamas caught alight.
A boy is standing on the left, dressed in Cadet uniform. He is receiving a trophy shield from a uniformed adult, who is standing on the right. In the background are lots of people sitting on raised seating.
One of the first Cadet Leaders, A. Blanchet of Jersey, receives a Special Service Shield from the Chief Commander, 1952 Museum of the Order of St John


New rank of Cadet Leader drawn from older members of Cadet divisions


HRH Elizabeth II succeeds her father George VI
A young man receives a silver trophy and shakes the hand of Princess Margaret.
Ambulance Cadet John Price receives the American Cup for Gallantry from HRH Princess Margaret, 1953 Museum of the Order of St John


In February Cadets distinguish themselves during the devastating East Coast floods assisting with evacuation of flood victims, sorting and distributing comforts, delivering messages and taking care of the homeless and elderly. 16 year-old Ambulance Cadet John Price from Essex awarded the Order of St John's Life Saving Medal in silver for rescuing people from flooded homes.
A black and white photograph of six young women in civilian clothing. They are arm-in-arm and smiling. Underneath the image is a caption which reads 'Who could be happier than these jolly girls, snapped on their way back from the camp tuckshop at Stubbers?'.
Nursing Cadets on their way back from the camp tuck shop, 1953 Museum of the Order of St John


Cadets on duty at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey. A Coronation Camp held at Stubbers, North Ockendon in Essex attended by 2000 Cadets from the UK and abroad. HRH Princess Margaret prevented from attending due to a case of meningitis.


Clean Air Act in response to worsening air pollution in urban areas
A group of men and women posing for a photograph outside the gates of Buckingham Palace. Kneeling on the front row are uniformed male members of St John Ambulance, and standing behind are friends and family.
Young adults from the St Paul's Division in Birmingham, recipients of the first Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, presented at Buckingham Palace in 1958 The Duke of Edinburgh's Award


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award launches and St John Cadets were amongst the first recipients
A black and white photograph of a uniformed Cadet, with a flag decorated with the eight-pointed cross. At the top of the page are the words 'call to service', and at the bottom are the words 'Join the St. John Cadets'.
The cover of a St John Cadet recruitment booklet, 1960 Museum of the Order of St John


By this year there are more Cadets (72,019) than adult members (60,310)


New upper age limit of 16 introduced for Cadets so that boys can move up into Adults before they are called up to National Service


Cuban Missile Crisis nearly causes nuclear war
A black and white photograph showing two male St John Ambulance Cadets standing in front of crowds lining the route at Winston Churchill's funeral. The Cadets appear to be standing in line alongside men wearing RAF uniforms.
Two young Cadets from Paddington Ambulance Cadet Division, Peter Andrews and Mervyn Braithwaite, stand prepared for messenger duty at Churchill's funeral, 30 January 1965 Museum of the Order of St John (A2552)


St John Ambulance Cadets present at Sir Winston Churchill's state funeral. One of the largest First Aid operations undertaken by St John involving over 4,000 Brigade members from all parts of the UK.


England wins the World Cup and the first Notting Hill Carnival is held


Abortion and homosexuality are legalised in Britain
Black and white photograph of a young Princess Anne standing on the right and wearing a white hat and a dark jacket. The Princess looks towards a group of Cadets, two girls and two boys, wearing St John uniform.
HRH Princess Anne meets Cadets at St John's House, London, 1971 Museum of the Order of St John (PHA11806)


HRH Princess Anne becomes Commandant-in-Chief of the Cadets


First official UK Gay Pride rally in London
Princess Anne, accompanied by uniformed adult members of St John Ambulance, is talking to a male Cadet about the display behind him. In the foreground is another male Cadet standing as Princess Anne's guard of honour.
HRH Princess Anne inspects the display of Cadet activities at the Golden Jubilee, 1972 Museum of the Order of St John


Celebrations held in Hyde Park for the Cadets' Golden Jubilee and the Albert Schweitzer Prize, presented by the Goethe Foundation of Switzerland for services to humanity, awarded to St John Cadets
Black and white photograph of 8 teenagers standing in a row. Two wear St John Ambulance caps. They are smiling at the camera. At their feet are some bags.
UK Cadets at London airport after a 3-week trip to New Zealand to attend the Golden Jubilee Cadet Camp at Wanganui, 1977 Museum of the Order of St John (PHA6695)


More than a 100 Cadets from Oxfordshire visited Malta for a ten-day camp and 12 Cadets visited New Zealand to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the New Zealand Cadets at Wanganui


Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister


Inaugural year for the London Marathon and the Great North Run


The Falklands War
A group of children are spread out on an empty stage. They are stretching white bandages between them to form the symbol of the eight-pointed cross of St John
Cadets from Greater London form the eight-pointed cross of St John with bandages on stage at the Royal Albert Hall, 1982 Museum of the Order of St John


At the time of the Cadets' Diamond Jubilee there are 49,000 Cadets registered in the UK. A Cadet Spectacular is held at the Royal Albert Hall directed by Major Michael Parker and 1,200 Cadets take part. One of the events to commemorate the Jubilee was the participation in the Nijmegen Vierdaagse, a 100-mile walk in Holland over 4 days. Participation was open to Cadets nationally, with participants from NHQ, South and West Yorkshire, Cleveland, Dorset, Northern Ireland, Northamptonshire, North Yorkshire, and Shropshire.


National Miners' strike over pit closures
Black and white line drawing of logo with eight pointed cross at centre, surmounted by a crown and encircled by a banner reading Sovereign's Award
The Sovereign's Award, 1985 Museum of the Order of St John


The Sovereign's Award for outstanding service is launched for St John Ambulance members aged 16-25


National Cadet of the Year competition established. Cadets are tested on First Aid, communication, teamwork, presentation and media skills in a two-day contest. The first winner is Rebecca Hutchinson from Leicestershire. A new initiative, the St John Badgers for children aged 6-10, is piloted in four counties.
Six Cadets line up for a photograph. The Cadet on the far right is from South Australia, and wears a white Cadet uniform. The remaining five Cadets are from England, and are dressed in their Cadet uniform and are holding awards for winning a competition at the Championships.
A competition-winning team of Cadets from Ringmer, Sussex, with their trophy, and a female Cadet from South Australia, 1986 Museum of the Order of St John


Cadets visit Adelaide in South Australia for the first Commonwealth Cadet Championship
A group of children line up holding certificates. Some children are demonstrating putting a casualty into the recovery position and calling for help.
Pupils from a junior school in Scarborough with their certificates for completing their Three Cross Award, 1987 Museum of the Order of St John


Three Cross Award Scheme introduced to support learning of First Aid in schools
Two young Badgers in their black and white uniform. One of the children is holding a badger mascot, who is dressed in white dungarees.
Two Badgers in their uniform, accompanied by their mascot Bertie the Badger, 1987 Museum of the Order of St John


St John Badgers officially launch on 1st January
Queen Elizabeth II dressed in yellow, bows slightly to receive a floral garland from a young child, while adults watch.
Queen Elizabeth II receives a floral garland from a child at the Great Party, 1987 Museum of the Order of St John (PHA11859)


Centenary of the St John Ambulance Brigade celebrated with The Great Party held in Hyde Park. This spectacular event was televised and attended by Her Majesty The Queen, Prince Philip and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.
Seated male Cadet smiles as he throws two white haversack bags into the air above his head. He wears a black beret, black jumper, black trousers, white belt and white first aid pouch attached to the belt and decorated with a black 8-pointed cross.
End of the white haversack for Cadets, 1987 Museum of the Order of St John (A6039)


Launch of revised Cadet Dress Regulations. The new uniform is similar to the adults and the white haversack is replaced by a white belt and First Aid pouch.


World Wide Web invented
Colour photograph of four St John Ambulance student members in green and black uniform, seated on an oversize deckchair printed with Brunel University logo
LINKS members at Brunel University, London St John Ambulance


LINKS scheme launched for university and college students
Colour photograph of the cover of Start magazine. Main img_is of a pair of roller skates on a white background.
Cover of the first issue of Start!, summer 1990 Museum of the Order of St John


START! a new magazine for St John youth first published
Colour photograph of Princess Anne wearing black and white St John uniform and sunglasses stands in front of a table where a Cadet activity is taking place. Tents are visible in the field beyond. Next to the Princess is a female Cadet wearing dungarees.
Commandant-in-Chief, HRH Princess Anne, takes a close look at proficiency subject tuition at the Buckinghamshire County Cadet Camp, Charmouth, Dorset, August 1990 Museum of the Order of St John


HRH Princess Anne visits Buckinghamshire County Cadet Camp, then the largest in the country with over 270 attendees
Colour photograph of 41 members of the first National Youth Council standing on the stone steps in front of a manor house. Princess Anne stands at the centre next to a huge black and white illustration of the National Youth Council logo, being held up by two members. The logo features two hands clasped together above a banner than reads National Youth Council and an eight-pointed cross.
HRH Princess Anne with members of the National Youth Council at the inaugural meeting 27 April 1991 Museum of the Order of St John


First meeting of the St John Ambulance National Youth Council held at Cowley Manor, Gloucestershire in April and launched by HRH Princess Anne. Open to members aged 16-25 to have a say in the running of the charity. Logo designed by Christopher Knifton from Coalville Cadet Division, Leicestershire.


New Cadet video WHO CARES? launches to raise public awareness of the opportunities available for young people in St John Ambulance


Channel Tunnel opens
The winning party held at Clipstone Colliery, 1992 Museum of the Order of St John


St John celebrates 70 years of Cadets with a challenge for divisions to hold the most interesting/ingenious/amazing 'Birthday Party'. The competition was won by Blackwell B Winning Colliery Quadrilateral Division, Derbyshire who held a party underground at Clipstone Colliery.
Colour photograph of four uniformed Cadets attending to an injured runner, who is sitting on the floor. An ambulance is in the background.
Cadets treating an injured marathon runner, 1994 Museum of the Order of St John


Cadets run first ever all-Cadet First Aid station at the London Marathon in April


First women priests ordained by Church of England
Colour photograph of a magazine cover with a montage of three photographs showing St John Ambulance Cadets from Lincoln practising bandaging and a group of Cadets holding Youth Council Starter Packs. The Edge is written in large letters down the right-hand side of the page.
Cover of the first issue of The Edge, autumn 1994 Museum of the Order of St John


A new magazine for St John young people, The Edge, launches


St John Ambulance run first National First Aid Competition for schools


400 Cadets join Veterans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of VE Day


Good Friday Agreement
Colour photograph of St John Ambulance members taking part in a parade and marching past Horse Guards where a band is playing and onlookers are seated in stands to watch. The march is led by a male member of St John in formal black uniform holding a placard that reads '100 St John Ambulance'. He is followed by St John Ambulance youngest members, known as Badgers, wearing their black and white uniforms and accompanied by an adult in the Bertie Badger costume and they are all waving to the crowds. Adult and Cadet members march behind.
HRH The Queen Mother's Birthday Parade, Horse Guards Parade, 19 July 2000 Museum of the Order of St John


Cadets and Badgers take part in HRH The Queen Mother's 100th Birthday Parade


First national conference for St John volunteers aged 16-21 takes place at Sheffield University in April and is broadcast online


Foot-and-mouth crisis


Britain joins US-led invasion of Iraq


Bombings on London's transport system
Two female Cadets in black and white uniform stand in a field between two sculptures. There is a large screen in the background.
Cadet Amie Hampsheir-Gill at the London Olympics, 2012 Image courtesy of Amie Hampsheir-Gill


Cadets support the London Olympic Games
Colour photograph of Claudia Winkleman seated far right next to a television screen and wearing a green St John Ambulance t-shirt. On the sofa opposite are three St John Ambulance volunteers wearing grey t-shirts. They are all smiling at the camera.
Claudia Winkleman and St John Ambulance volunteers Susan Bugby, Oliver Foo and Emma-Jane Hampsheir-Gill present the Big First Aid Lesson, 2015 St John Ambulance


Big First Aid Lesson presented by Claudia Winkleman live-streamed to over 410,000 school children across the UK
9 young people in St John uniform stand outside in front of a stone arch and smile at the camera.
Badger and Cadet presenters stand outside St John's Gate, Clerkenwell, 2015 Museum of the Order of St John


Badgers and Cadets develop and present a film introducing the History of the Order of St John


Grenfell Tower disaster and Manchester Arena bombing
A young Cadet in green and black St John uniform takes part in the parade. They have their back to the camera and are high-fiving people in the crowd. In front of them are other members of St John Ambulance waving rainbow flags.
St John Ambulance contingent at Pride in London, 2019 St John Ambulance/Rob Moore


Cadets take part in Pride in London


Start of Covid-19 pandemic and First Aid added to National Curriculum in schools
A group of five NHS Cadets in white polo-neck shirts watch a sixth NHS Cadet practice CPR on a resuscitation mannequin, while a member of hospital staff watches.
A group of NHS Cadets in Croydon learn how to perform CPR, 2022 St John Ambulance/Katie Ghezhmani


Launch of NHS Cadet Programme for young people aged 14-18
Colour photograph of a young woman in green and black St John uniform standing in a corridor and smiling at the camera
Mariam Ibrahim at St John's Gate, 2021 St John Ambulance


Cadet Mariam Ibrahim appointed St John Ambulance's first Young Trustee
In the foreground is a seated and uniformed member of St John Ambulance, talking to a member of the public opposite him. In-between them on the ground is a resuscitation Annie mannequin. In the background, other uniformed members of St John Ambulance are showing other members of the public how to perform CPR.
Members of St John Ambulance talk to members of the public about the importance of knowing how to perform CPR at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, 2022 St John Ambulance


Cadets support Three Ways to Save a Life campaign in Manchester
Colour photograph of a group of Cadets in green and black uniforms and adult members of St John Ambulance standing outside in the square in front of the Guildhall in London.
St John Ambulance Cadets on duty at HRH Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee in London, June 2022 St John Ambulance


St John Ambulance celebrates 100 years of Cadets and 35 years of Badgers