Freda Pickard

Joined 1942

Dewsbury Cadet Nursing Division, West Yorkshire

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Black and white photograph of four female Cadets standing in a room behind two adults
Carrington Cup Winning team, Freda Pickard (far left), Dr. Eastwood and Mrs Balden seated, Dewsbury Ambulance Hall, 1944 Image courtesy of Freda Pickard
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Oh yes, we liked the competitions, yes we did, we liked those. And Mrs Balden as I say, was very strict. Now she had three children who were all older than us and they were all in the forces. There was a girl Judy and she was in the WAAFs. And then there were two boys. And unfortunately both were killed, and it was nothing to do with the war, both were accidents. And it was within a very short period of one another. And we said, “What can we do to help Mrs Balden?” We didn’t know what we could do, because it must have been awful when you think about it. Well we were only Cadets, but, you know, to lose two children like that. And there was a big competition coming, and we said, “We’ve got to win it.” And we did. And we really put some hard work into it. It was The Carrington Cup, it came from Batley. But I will always remember that, it was the first competition, and we won it for her. And that was the bit that we did to help Mrs Balden actually more than anything. But we enjoyed the competitions because you met other Cadets who went to different divisions, and you met them there and learned from them about their training, and they learned from us about our training. So it was, you know, very good really.

Excerpt courtesy of Freda Pickard