Michael McHardy

Joined 1985

Isle of Sheppey Ambulance Cadet Division, Kent

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Black and white photograph of a group of people seated in a hall facing a stage. On the stage are three tables. In the centre table sit five adults in uniform. On either side are tables with four young Cadets sitting at each. Behind them is an adult in uniform with a blackboard.
Cadet First Aid Quiz, 1978 Museum of the Order of St John (PHA5154) (Picture credit: Focus 4)
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Oh it was an amazing feeling, because obviously we were separate from the girls in that Unit, so the nurses, and the boys. And when we went on a competition we all went together, and I can’t remember where it was or for the life of me remember when it was. But it was massive, because the fire brigade were there, and it was the Cadet competition basically. So all different Cadets from all over the country turned up at this one place. And then there was like different scenarios going on. Our one was it was a fire in a cellar. And then they said, you know, right there’s people stuck down there, crack on, go, and all that. And I’ll never forget, like three of the guys went straight down there. We was told, no they passed away, they’re stuck in the fire. What do you do? And then we all remembered, oh we need to phone 999. Phoned 999 and the fireman come out with all his gear on, it was really cool. He went down and he started bringing the casualties up. And then we was treating the casualties there while the other person was at the phone box, because in them days we didn’t have mobiles, so had to find the nearest phone box. They were relaying to the ambulance what was happening and how many casualties we’d got. And then obviously the ambulance, they made out that the ambulance turned up and then took them away. But it was a competition. But I think we came second in the whole of the country, which was really good.

Excerpt courtesy of Michael McHardy