Kevin Pacey-Bartlett

Joined 1989

Peterborough HQ Ambulance Cadet Division, Cambridgeshire

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Colour photograph showing a young male Cadet in uniform. He is smiling and looking slightly off camera. He wears a white shirt
Kevin Pacey-Bartlett in his Cadet uniform, c.1993 Image courtesy of Kevin Pacey-Bartlett
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The Cadet uniform that I wore was a black beret that had a plastic insert on the – that had to go over the left eye with the badge with the St John logo over the left eye and you would pull the beret down to the side over your right ear. And the height of the beret was very important. And then we had a black jumper, a black tie, white shirt, black trousers, black shoes and socks. And the first Friday of every month at our unit, we would have a uniform inspection where every piece of our uniform was inspected and scored. And if we managed to score 100% we was given £5 by our unit lead, who was Mr Levy. So we all wanted the £5 note but we were scrutinised for everything including dirt under our nails, and if we had a pen mark from school from the day, that would lose a point so we couldn’t get the £5. But I think in the five years that I was a Cadet, I probably had the £5 three times, so I was very pleased to go home with the £5 note.

Excerpt courtesy of Kevin Pacey-Bartlett