Chloe Hobson

Joined 2007

Heywood Cadets, Greater Manchester

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Colour photograph of 8 Cadets in black and white St John uniform posing for a photograph on Remembrance Sunday, Chloe Hobson holds a wreath of poppies in the front row.
Heywood Cadets at Remembrance Day Parade, Chloe Hobson (holding wreath), 2007 Image courtesy of Chloe Hobson
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So my very first uniform I didn’t really have one because they didn’t do one small enough. So the smallest size of the all-black and white jumpers was far too big for me. So my first ever event in uniform was a Remembrance Day parade and the jumper was too big, so I had to just wear a little black cardigan with the shirt. We wore like full length skirts just below the knee. Our beret, mine was too big so it looked like a saucepan on my head. I’ve probably got a picture somewhere of me next to all the other girls that were then like fifteen, sixteen, teenage girls who stood at the front with our little uniform on. We wore black and white uniform up until I probably turned about fifteen and that’s when this new service delivery uniform was, came into commission then. But, yeah for a very long time, long skirt down to the knee. White shirt, very itchy black jumper and a beret that you don’t see very much these days because you don’t wear it any more. But yeah, full dress uniform all the time almost.

Excerpt courtesy of Chloe Hobson