Chlöe Hunter-Rea

Joined 2011

Dundonald Cadet Unit, County Down, Northern Ireland

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Colour photograph of a female Cadet in uniform standing in front of a door. She wears a green St John Ambulance shirt and black trousers.
Chlöe Hunter-Rea wearing the green and black uniform for the first time, December 2014 Image courtesy of Chlöe Hunter-Rea
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I came in at a little bit of a weird time in St John. So, they were kind of towards the end of the black and whites with the clip-on tie, and things like that. So, I only ever wore that once and it was on my very, very first event, and we were on a steam train, so it was quite nice. It was in December on a steam train and were being Santa’s elves walking behind Santa. And lots of different kind of uniformed youth organisations would go and they would take it in turn being elves, and they still do it. And actually, it was quite sweet. It was my last ever event as a Cadet as well, so it was my first and my last, and I felt, you know, I’d come full circle. But by the time it was my last it was the greens. Even by my second event it was the greens. So, I still have a photo from the first time I put it on. I’ve not got any epaulettes. I’ve not even got a Cadet role bar or anything on it. It’s literally just the green shirt, the black trousers, and black shoes. And at that point we were wearing black t-shirts underneath, and then a few years ago they changed to white. But it’s still fairly the same sort of uniform. It’s a lot lighter. I think it’s a lot more functional now than the black and whites. I just remember it wasn’t even my jumper that I was wearing. I don’t know – it was probably from the uniform box in the back of the cupboard, but it was very heavy. I just remember that. And very warm, even for December. Yeah, it was a little bit not so functional, but I think we’re moving forward. Having seen some of the older uniforms as well, I’m not entirely sure I prefer those either!

Excerpt courtesy of Chlöe Hunter-Rea