Nicholas Evanson

Joined 1983

Torquay Ambulance Cadet Division, Devon

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Colour photograph of a young male Cadet in uniform standing on the driveway of a home. Around him are three bags. In the background are rows of flowers.
Ambulance Cadet Nicholas Evanson setting off for his first County Camp at Seaton, Devon, 1984 Image courtesy of Nicholas Evanson
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I was back in the days of the good old beret, black sort of bomber jacket and, well, what we always used to describe the white handbag. You always had to be careful not to try to make yourself look like Frank Spencer from Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em. Sadly, I am old enough to remember, certainly later Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em. I mean the black jacket, it was okay. It probably wasn’t always the warmest of things. And the white handbag, as I call – as all members of our generation called it, I’m afraid, yeah, I mean it served its purpose, for you to carry a bit of a First Aid kit.

Excerpt courtesy of Nicholas Evanson