St John Ambulance volunteers are perhaps best known for providing First Aid cover at public events, but there are also lots of social events and celebrations too!

In 1887, the St John Ambulance Brigade was formed. Unlike its predecessor, the St John Ambulance Association, which was established in 1877 to provide standardised First Aid training and supplies, the Brigade recognised the need for the provision of free medical assistance wherever crowds gathered. Today, these uniformed volunteers are still seen attending local and national events such as music festivals and sporting occasions. Amongst these volunteers there are often Cadets who, working alongside their adult counterparts, manage treatment centres, support communications and administer First Aid. It’s not just official duties though, there are lots of celebrations and social events to attend as well. From Unit discos to Cadet takeovers at Alton Towers and even royal receptions at Buckingham Palace to honour outstanding Cadet achievements. The largest of these celebration events was held in 1987 and saw St John Ambulance take over Hyde Park in London to celebrate the centenary of the St John Ambulance Brigade.


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