Keith Schnaar

Joined 1952

Hither Green Ambulance Cadet Division, London

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A black and white photo showing three white, smiling boys, in front of a dark car with a white marquee in the background. The middle boy looks older and is much taller than the two on either side of him. The boy to the left wears white shirt, pale V-necked jumper and black trousers. The two boys to the right wear grey shirts with striped ties and grey trousers. Across their bodies they have a white haversack.
Keith Schnaar (centre) as a Senior Cadet providing first aid cover at Peter Pan’s Pool in Bromley Road, Catford, 1950s Image courtesy of Keith Schnaar
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As a Cadet, the most important one that I remember, I went to Lady Mountbatten’s funeral and I lined the route at Portsmouth, when she was being taken to be buried at sea. So that’s something that we all – nearly all the Cadets turned out for that and went down there to Portsmouth. That was a big event. And of course, the Hyde Park events that we used to have in those days. So that’s when I met Princess Margaret for the first time. They were big events.

Excerpt courtesy of Keith Schnaar