Ryan Russell

Joined 2018

Dunstable All Services Unit, Bedfordshire

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Colour photograph of two people seated in a room having a conversation. On the left is an adult female wearing a purple top and black and white trousers. On the right is an adult male in green St John Ambulance uniform. On a wooden table between them is a jug of water and an audio recorder.
Ryan Russell being interviewed for the Cadet Voices project, 2022 Image courtesy of the Museum of the Order of St John
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I am hoping to become a paramedic. I am hoping to go to the West Midlands or do something with a trust or private in the next few months to become a paramedic. I really just want to get my grades, that’s all, and I feel like the amount of opportunity St John has given me to develop my leadership skills, to develop my clinical skills and make myself a competent clinician. I feel like that has come with me to now and it will go with me through to my time as a paramedic, going into advanced critical care and eventually get into – my aspiration is to become a consultant, getting my doctorate and I feel like the people who started it off at my Unit, my Youth Leader, my Unit Managers, my youth helpers, they are the people who started me off in healthcare and I can never be too grateful for what they have done for me and it’s just – there’s nothing like it really, yeah.

Excerpt courtesy of Ryan Russell