Chloe Hobson

Joined 2007

Heywood Cadets, Greater Manchester

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Colour photograph of Chloe Hobson in green and black St John uniform, carrying First Aid kit, with a crowd of people in the background
Chloe Hobson on duty at Manchester Pride, 2014 Image courtesy of Chloe Hobson
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I think it helped me massively. I mean I wouldn’t have the confidence that I have if I didn’t do St John. So it pushed me to do things like public speaking that I would never have done before. When I started I was like a very shy ten-year old that wouldn’t say ”boo” to a fly and was a bit scared of everything. And then I got pushed to do things that I never would even have imagined doing. Obviously the clinical impact that it’s had I would never have had the experience that I had First Aid wise. It really helped me in my application to university. It helped me gain experience that in, compared to the people that was also competing for places at university I was standing shoulders above the rest. So it basically gave me my career, all my friends and the confidence to do whatever I wanted really.

Excerpt courtesy of Chloe Hobson