Marion Sharrock (née Burns)

Joined 1954

Southport Nursing Cadet Division, Merseyside

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Black and white images of three rows of men in uniform who are walking in the direction of the photographer.  Behind them are three rows of nurses in uniform
Marion Sharrock (far right) running alongside her father John Burns on Church Parade, Southport, 1950 Image courtesy of Marion Sharrock
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You’ll see from the photograph, my father was my inspiration for joining Cadets. He was – always was my inspiration, even now, my dad was – he was there. And I was in the Brownies at church and all my friends went up into the Guides and this lady said to me, are you going up into the Guides, Marion? No, I’m going to join the St John Ambulance with my daddy. And I’m still here sixty-five years later. It’s amazing, really.

I used to just love cleaning the buttons on his jacket when he was going on parade. Yeah, it was super. I think my dad would be proud of me, really.

Excerpt © Marion Sharrock