Enid Patient (née Andrews)

Joined 1948

Walthamstow Nursing Cadet Division, London

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Black and white photograph of 40 young girls seated in four rows. They all wear nurse uniforms featuring white nursing caps and white cuffs. On the walls behind them are four framed pictures
Presentation of Grand Prior badges to Walthamstow Nursing Cadets, Beryl Resker (centre) with Enid Andrews (immediate left), November 1952 Image courtesy of Enid Patient
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I had a friend in junior school. We parted classes from time to time, but met up again when we just moved schools, which was literally across the playground. And she said to me – so I was eleven, coming up twelve, I think, yeah. She said to me, “Oh, something that will interest you, I’ve joined St John Cadets, why don’t you come along?” So I spoke to my mum and she said, “Yes, that sounds fine.” So I went along and met the most incredible lady, who was Superintendent of Cadets at that time. Large division, lots of girls, all girls. And her name was Beryl Resker and we stayed friends, right up until – I’m trying to think, 1990, because she moved away. But we used to visit, lovely. She had been a VAD in the Navy. So she would demonstrate, explain what she was going to do. And then demonstrate and then probably at that point, tell you a funny story of what had happened when she was in the Navy, during the war, which was very interesting. So yes, that caught my imagination. Shirley, the girl that I went with originally, she didn’t stay for long, because she was very into sport and something else came along on a Monday evening, and off she went. But I stayed. I stayed forever, I think. Yes, it was good fun, I found. Apart from all the learning and interesting, different things we did, it was great fun.

Excerpt courtesy of Enid Patient