James McNulty-Ackroyd

Joined 2000

Braunton Cadet Division, Devon

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Colour photograph of two teenage boys standing on a beach. They are wearing sunglasses and St John Ambulance high vis jackets with black shorts.
James McNulty-Ackroyd on duty at the beach, c.2005 Image courtesy of James McNulty-Ackroyd
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So, we have a good event in North Devon called Oceanfest, which is a big sports, music and surfing festival, and we would quite often have sort of alcohol intoxication there, so managing patients that had fallen over or sort of their welfare was something that we came across quite regularly. So, as long as it’s supervised and you’ve got a good group of people there to supervise Cadets and the patients as well, I think intoxicated people, when they are on that borderline of being very unwell but just needing some looking after, offers Cadets and sort of trainee First Aiders a really good opportunity for checking baseline observations, learning how to take a pulse, learning how to do a blood pressure and calculating other observations. It’s really useful. The other standout memory I have was from when I came up to Chelsea Football Club. And I can’t remember who Chelsea were playing, but it was another big level club, and all the fans decided to have a big punch-up outside of the Chelsea football ground. And I remember treating sort of multiple patients with facial injuries, bleeding noses, cuts across the bridge of the nose, and sort of managing what was at the time quite a scary event, ‘cos there was police horses knocking about. There were bottles being thrown. So, that was really interesting, to sort of at that point realise that actually working under pressure was something I could do relatively well, and it gave me a really early exposure to some of the difficulties that working in the Ambulance Service can provide you.

Excerpt courtesy of James McNulty-Ackroyd