Alan Sharkey

Joined 1961

Branksome Heath Ambulance Cadet Division, Dorset

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Black and white photograph of five male Cadets in uniform standing in a row. At the end of the row is an adult male in uniform. Two of the Cadets are holding trophies.
Branksome Heath Ambulance Cadets, Mike Dicker standing centre, c.1960 Image courtesy of Elaine Dicker
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There were no limitations on what we could do, we did a lot of duties in that Division, point-to-point horse riding was a very popular one. Go karting was another one that Cadets loved to go on, and we just went there and we got stuck in. Usually it just meant helping to move people or lift people, I don’t remember actually doing real First Aid as a Cadet, except on a cow. We went to a speed hill climb, and one of the cars crashed, and it crashed through barbed wire where there were some cows watching the speed hill climbing gathered round the wire. And one cow got tangled up in barbed wire, so I had to help untangle the cow from the barbed wire if that counts as a First Aid activity.

Excerpt courtesy of Alan Sharkey