The St John Camp Cadet, Saturday 1st August 1953

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Colour image of the front cover of a newspaper called 'The St John Cadet Camp'. Printed on pale pink paper. The main article is titled 'Dear mum, it's raining cats and dogs at Stubbers'
Museum of the Order of St John
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In August 1953 an international Cadet camp for over 2,000 young people was held in Essex to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. A daily newspaper was published. This is the first of seven issues giving a full and often colourful account of camp life. The Cadets took part in many different competitions including fire-fighting and fancy dress. They consumed over 1000 loaves of bread a day and the logistical organisation required was immense.

The planned visit of HRH Princess Margaret was cancelled due to a case of meningitis at the camp but otherwise it was a huge success. The article on the front page of this issue describes the torrential rain that soon gave way to sunshine, and the first Cadet to arrive at camp, Emma Ignacio from Nairobi.