The American Cup for Gallantry

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Silver trophy with lid and two handles standing on a wooden base covered with silver plaques bearing the names of former winners.
Image: Museum of the Order of St John/Paul Tucker 1923 (SJA 1366)
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The American Cup for Gallantry is one of the most prestigious awards ever presented to St John Cadets. It was awarded annually after the Second World War for the most outstanding act of courage exhibited by a Cadet in the UK. The cup was first presented by the 8th US Army Air Force in 1944 in thanks for hospitality given to US troops stationed in England by St John Ambulance Nursing Cadets from Great Barford. The Cadets visited the hospital at the base every weekend taking eggs, fruit, flowers, magazines and books, as well as home-made cakes and cooking. This partnership came about through the work of the novelist Barbara Cartland who volunteered with St John Ambulance Brigade during the Second World War.

See Alan J. Sharkey, Barbara Cartland and the American Cup for Gallantry, Whittlesey, 2021.