Freda Pickard

Joined 1942

Dewsbury Cadet Nursing Division, West Yorkshire

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Black and white photograph of a young woman looking directly at the camera. She wears a nursing Cadet uniform including a white nursing cap and white cuffs.
Nursing Cadet Freda Pickard, c.1944 Image courtesy of Freda Pickard
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Oh it was a grey dress, and it buttoned down to just below the waist, which I thought was a bit funny, but that’s how it was, with a little Peter Pan collar, which was white, and the frillies you had they were white. And you wore black stockings or white socks, and black shoes. And oh those grey hats were awful, they looked like cowboy hats, well yes, I didn’t like them. But then they got into berets. When I went up to East Bierley we wore a black beret, and that was rather nice was that. But otherwise, we didn’t have any coats or capes or anything, because you see the war was on. And I know me mother would say, well I don’t know how about you’re going to get your uniform because you’ll have to use so many of your coupons up, you’ll have to do without a summer dress. And I said, “Yes, I’ll do without a summer dress.” So that was my bit towards the war.

Oh very proud I think. Yes. And especially when I was getting my badge subjects sewn to my uniform. And then when I got my Grand Prior Badge well that was really something, it really was.

Excerpt courtesy of Freda Pickard