Tracy Kane (née Chamberlain)

Joined 1981

Hitchin Nursing Cadet Division, Hertfordshire

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Black and white photograph of three females standing outside. The one is the centre is older and is wearing a dark coloured uniform coat. She is holding a flag in her hands. On either side of her are two younger girls
Tracy Chamberlain (centre) at a Remembrance Day Parade, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, November 1986 Image courtesy of Tracy Kane
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My brother joined as a Cadet, probably been about 1975. And I believe he found out through a friend at school. From him joining, my mum also joined as an adult. And I kind of got dragged up to the adult meetings ’cos my dad wouldn’t babysit. But I actually really enjoyed it and begged my mum multiple times to let me join. Back then you couldn’t join until you were eight, so I had a couple of years to wait anyhow. But my mum didn’t want to have to be going up three nights a week, so I didn’t actually join until I was eleven, when she became the Cadet Officer.

Excerpt courtesy of Tracy Kane