Kevin Pacey-Bartlett

Joined 1989

Peterborough HQ Ambulance Cadet Division, Cambridgeshire

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Colour photograph showing a young male Cadet in uniform. He is smiling and looking slightly off camera. He wears a white shirt
Kevin Pacey-Bartlett in his Cadet uniform, c.1993 Image courtesy of Kevin Pacey-Bartlett
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So I found out about St John Ambulance Cadets having been a Badger beforehand, so that was a natural progression once I reached age 10 to move into the Cadets. The Cadets used to visit the Badger unit and meet on the same night in the room next door. So I became a Badger because of seeing an article on Blue Peter about St John Ambulance and I think the Badgers had recently started at that time, it was a new thing. Started talking to my mum about it and she mentioned that my grandfather, her dad, was a volunteer with St John during World War Two, so that got my interest and we were able to make enquiries. And then happened to go to an event at Thomas Cook which was where they had the headquarters in Peterborough and St John were represented there. And we spoke to somebody and I joined the Badgers in Glinton.

Excerpt courtesy of Kevin Pacey-Bartlett